How can you prepare for life after university?

Join the Franklin Network and connect with alumni and fellow students for professional and social networking opportunities.

Every fall semester, the Office of Career Strategy offers FUS seniors the opportunity to participate in hands-on career planning and prep workshops. Don’t want to wait? Just contact the Office of Career Strategy to get started. We’ll walk you through all the options and help you to plan for your future.

Where will a Franklin degree take you?

Within a year of graduation, 95% of our alumni obtain full-time employment, and 75% achieve it within six months.

Where our graduates go


Choose Franklin to acquire global confidence and learn the skills necessary to succeed in any field, anywhere in the world. Our dedicated professors, staff, and alumni network are here to support you, every step of the way.


Franklin Network

The individual success of each one of Franklin’s graduates is the collective success of the Franklin community. Franklin’s Network is a career mentor platform made up of alumni volunteers that seek to bolster the collective success of the Franklin community by assisting current students and alumni as they prepare for professional life post-Franklin. 

Internship Information

An internship is a short term, supervised, work opportunity. Internships can earn university credits, teach valuable skills, and add experience to your resume. It is a chance for you to develop critical work skills so that you are better prepared for your future. Your internship may also lead to future employment.

Internships for Credit and Non-Bearing Credit

Plan ahead! In order to earn academic credit, registration must be completed in advance. All internships must be coordinated with your academic advisor and department chair. It is your responsibility to follow protocols and meet deadline dates.

Check out the following links. Then, contact Career Services for support and direction in seeking out an internship opportunity.

Internship Program Information

Internship Forms

How to register for internship

Online Career Resources

Log into the Franklin Career Navigator on Moodle to access preparatory information and other materials for your job search.

What our Students and Alumni Say
Andrea Briscoe

Major: History

Minors: International Relations and Postcolonial Studies

Internship (Summer): Communications Intern at the National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) and the Society Hill Synagogue

"I was exposed to public history, a field of work that would allow me to directly use my history education in the workforce. Because of this work experience, I am now hoping to pursue a career in history education.”

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Simon Bruns

Major: History and Economics with an emphasis in Political Economy

Minor: Political Science

Internship (Summer): Six weeks at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s (KAS) office in Abuja, Nigeria

“It gave me an insight into the diverse workings and functions of one of the largest political foundations in Germany…. increased my interest in the diverse field of global security, which could be a potential career option for me.”

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Marième Cissé

Major: Communication and Media Studies, and International Relations

Internship (Summer): Counselor at a summer camp with the Organization of Swiss People Abroad (OSA)

“I now know that I would like to keep working with teenagers and young people… it was great for me to work with the team of counselors, learning how to communicate better, how to work together, how to solve problems using every individual's skills and insights.”

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Marina Buraschi

Major: International Management with an emphasis in Marketing

Minors: Psychology and Germanic Studies

Internship (Summer): Observational internship at the Psychiatry Department of San Raffaele in Milan

“The department specifically deals with patients diagnosed with mood disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, borderline and bipolar disorders. I was able to experience the typical environment of a clinical department by shadowing medical residents and experiencing their daily duties first-hand.”

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Carly Seedall

Major: International Relations

Minor: Germanic Studies

Internship (Summer): with a branch of Caritas in Paderborn, Germany, where they specialize in refugee and migrant assistance

“Every day, I felt like I was making a little bit of a difference. There were a lot of sad moments, but there were also a lot of joyful moments because people were really grateful to be in a better place, and to be alive.”

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Career Contacts

Career exploration and planning are provided in cooperation with:

Office of Career Strategy
Ebonie Rayford, Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Career Services
Phone: +41 91 985 22 79

Writing and Learning Center
Kate Roy, Acting Director
Phone: +41 91 986 36 21

Alumni and Parent Relations
Tara Bracher, Assistant Dean
Phone: +1 310 597-1502 (US Central Time)