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Energizing Breakfast Club

The Division of Business and Economics and the Division of Communication, History, and Politics launch the Energizing Breakfast Club (EBC)

The Energizing Breakfast Club provides a platform for faculty members to share their emerging research projects and discuss new ideas in an informal breakfast setting. EBC meetings usually begin with a 20 to 30 minutes presentation by a faculty member and are followed by a constructive discussion, which aims at providing feedback to the presenters. Designed to facilitate in-person discussions among colleagues from various disciplines, the EBC brings together Coffee, Croissants, and new ideas!

For the schedule, topics, and location, please check the University Calendar

FUS Research Journal

intervalla: platform for intellectual exchange

Intervallaintervalla: platform for intellectual exchange is a transdisciplinary, open-access academic journal that strives to provide a forum for scholars from all fields to test and circulate thoughts on contemporary matters of human experiences. Each issue is dedicated to a particular topic that examines intersections or conjunctions of areas that often remain buried in more discipline-specific approaches. intervalla promotes contributions that forge thinking between disciplines and welcomes ideas that push established boundaries. The journal is peer reviewed and published annually. Each volume focuses on a particular theme and is edited by volume editors.


Questions of Taste
Volume 7, 2019
Editors: Sara Steinert Borella and Satomi Sugiyama

Beyond Borders? Interrogating Boundaries in our Twenty-First Century World
Volume 6, 2018
Editor: Kate Roy

From Loss to Survivals: on the Reconstruction and Transmission of Artistic Gestures
Volume 5, 2017
Editor: Gabriel N. Gee

Modernist Currents
Volume 4, 2016
Editor: Alexandra Peat

To Be or Not to Be a Mother: Choice, Refusal, Reluctance and Conflict. Motherhood and Female Identity in Italian Literature and Culture. Essere o non essere madre:  scelta, rifiuto, avversione e conflitto. Maternità e identità femminile nella letteratura e cultura italiane.
Special Volume 1, 2016
Editors: Laura Lazzari and Joy Charnley

Environmental Justice, ‘Collapse’ and the Question of Evidence
Volume 3, 2015
Editors: Brack Hale, Christoph Kueffer, Sara Steinert-Borella, Caroline Wiedmer

Trauma, Abstraction, and Creativity
Volume 2, 2014-2015
Editors: Johanna Fassl and Caroline Wiedmer

Social Robots and Emotion: Transcending the Boundary between Humans and ICTs
Volume 1, 2013
Editors: Satomi Sugiyama & Jane Vincent