Your first week on campus is dedicated to learning about university resources and what Lugano has to offer. Life at Franklin is a distinctive blend of American and European culture, and Orientation walks you through what you need to succeed as a student while getting the most out of the experience of living in Europe. Orientation Week culminates with an excursion to Valle Verzasca, Franklin's oldest tradition.

Orientation Schedule

Tutte le strade

“Tutte le strade” means “all roads” in Italian and the name captures the spirit of this comprehensive all year program of activities for the campus community. Events range from the intellectual to the experiential and include visits to local festivals, movies, hikes, and special guest lectures. You experience the warmth of our tight knit community through this program aimed at fostering intercultural and social development in the first year experience. Tutte le strade is managed by the Office of Student Life in collaboration with students, both Orientation Mentors and Resident Assistants.

First Year Seminars

New first-year students and transfer students with fewer than 30 credits are assigned a First Year Seminar, a three-credit, semester-long course that reflects a specific research interest of the Franklin faculty members who lead them. The instructor of your First Year Seminar will also serve as your Academic Advisor, and the seminar provides an opportunity for you and your classmates to get to know them. 

Each seminar explores the common theme of Crossing Borders. First Year Seminars feature a student Academic Mentor, a student selected to work closely with students and the instructor.

Academic Mentoring

Academic Mentors are 3rd and 4th year students who provide academic assistance for first year students. The AM program is coordinated by the Director of the Writing and Learning Center and allows selected students the opportunity to develop their teaching and leadership skills.

Academic Advising

Your First Year Seminar professor will also be your academic advisor, and you will have the opportunity to work with your advisor both in and out of the classroom. As your advisor, your FYS professor helps you choose courses and develop an education plan compatible with your academic and life goals.

Academic Support

Assignments in the First Year Seminars introduce you to academic resources, such as the library, information technology (IT), and the Writing and Learning Center.