Sharing your Franklin experience as an Admissions Ambassador is one of the best ways to help prospective students and their families appreciate and understand the value of a Franklin education. There are some ways in which you can help support Franklin’s admissions efforts, with varying levels of time commitment.

Spread the Word

Franklin is one of the world’s best kept secrets and we need you to spread the word about the value of the education it provides! Help students and families interested in gaining a world-class education by sharing your Franklin experience. Should you meet someone that you think is a good fit for the Franklin family, please feel free to put them in direct contact with our Office of Admissions at

Provide schools and students information about Franklin. You are in the best position to reach out to communities and contacts that may be difficult for us to reach. Please feel free to download any FUS admissions materials to provide to schools, prospective students, and family members, in printed or electronic format. You can download the brochures at the links provided below. Feel free to request hard copies of any of the brochures by emailing

Become an Admissions Ambassador

Franklin Alumni, Current and Past Parents serve as an excellent resource in helping prospective families determine whether or not Franklin is the right fit for their student. The aim of the Ambassador program seeks to engage Alumni and Parents to connect with prospective students and their families to educate them about the value of the Franklin Education. Ambassadors volunteer in a way that fits their time availability, financial capacity, and commitment level.

We would love for you to join us in building the future of Franklin! If you are interested in becoming an Admissions Ambassador, please contact Tara Bracher, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations at