New Students

Registration is completed during Orientation Week and the first week of each semester. The Office of the Registrar will enroll new students prior to arrival, taking preference selections and space availability into consideration, for some courses including: First Year Seminar, Modern Language, and Academic Travel courses.

Returning Students

Returning students may pre-register for courses for the coming semester during the registration period following Academic Travel. Students who have an outstanding balance in the current semester will not be permitted to register for courses in the coming term. Students register according to the following priority order: Dean’s List Seniors, Seniors, Dean’s List Juniors, Juniors, Study-Abroad, Dean’s List Sophomores, Sophomores, and Dean’s List Freshmen, and Freshmen. Course registration for returning students will be cancelled if the student fails to pay tuition and fees for the semester by the stated deadline. Students with 60 credits or more earned (including credits from transfer or advanced standing) must have declared their major to be able to register for courses in a subsequent semester or summer session.

Study Abroad Students

Freshman Study Abroad students register with new students during New Student Registration (see above). Other Study Abroad students register for their courses through the Admissions Office in consultation with the Study Abroad or other academic advisor from their home institution.

Re-entering Students (from leave of absence or other)

Students re-entering from an approved leave of absence must notify the Office of the Registrar of their intention to return to the University by October 15 for the following spring semester or by March 15 for the following fall semester. Students will then receive instructions on how to pre-register for their courses.

Students, other than those with an approved leave of absence, who have to be re-admitted to Franklin will register for their courses during new student registration. These students will also receive individual instructions on how to pre-register.

Academic Travel Registration

Students register for Academic Travel courses at the same time as all other courses.  All students, except students who have fulfilled their travel requirement, must participate in Academic Travel. If a student (for medical or visa reasons only) cannot participate, a petition must be filed through the Office of the Registrar and the student will be required to withdraw from the course and attend an on-campus seminar in its place. Students cannot complete an Academic Travel course without participating in the actual travel. 

Academic travel is not a refundable portion of tuition. Students are responsible for obtaining all necessary visas for their travel destinations. Before choosing an academic travel destination, students should ascertain the likelihood of obtaining a visa to that destination.

Change of Registration

Students can change their course registration online without penalty up to the published course change deadline (add/drop). Academic Travel may have an earlier course change deadline than regular courses.