The Lugano Dance Project led by the LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura is an international dance program culminating in a series of performances in the city of Lugano at the end of May 2022. The project explores the legacies of early twentieth-century experimental dance rooted in the Monte verità community and pursued through influential practices in the 1950s and 1960s. Three choreographers are involved in the 2021-22 project: Virginie Brunelle (Canada), Annie Hanauer (England), and Lea Moro (Switzerland). Brunelle’s work explores the realm of fables, Hanauer, in A space of all of our tomorrows, looks at the encounter of utopia and other voices in the present context of globalization; Moro's Another breath focuses on corporal perception and intensity. The project is intended to be a platform for exchange and production in contemporary dance through international networks connecting Switzerland with Europe and North America.


In partnership with FUS

Franklin University Switzerland is the Festival Partner of the Lugano Dance Project, additionally, Franklin is involved in several fields connecting the professional and pedagogical contexts: participation of senior undergraduate Franklin students in the organization and management of festival-related projects; pedagogical accompaniments to the realization of a documentary film by Professor Elettra Fiumi; pedagogical reflections and creative practices including documentation and historical references; the conception of the framework of a social impact report analyzing various aspects of the impact of the Lugano Dance Project on different stakeholders. 

This video has been produced by the students of Professor Elettra Fiumi's COM 211 class. 


FUS Business Students

LAC Danc Project Capstone Social Impact ReportThe senior capstone course BUS 455W on Global Strategic Management sees students contributing to the management of the project through weekly involvement and tangible participation in its arrangement and diffusion. An important aspect of the course, led by Professors Giulia Miniero, David Suleiman, and Vera Dianova, involves a contribution to audience targeting and engagement, in collaboration with the city of Lugano providing a social impact report to convey the various impacts of the Project, including social, economic and financial, and marketing-related impacts, that are relevant for the different stakeholders of this festival. 

In order for students to fully grasp the scope of the Lugano Dance Festival and to experience its complexity and its potential, they will get a hands-on approach to the project management aspect of the festival. Initial steps have been taken by the professors, in collaboration with the City’s Division of Culture and LAC management, to arrange for active participation on the part of the students in a variety of practical aspects of the festival organization, including, for instance, assisting in the preparation of the press conference, contributing to the activation of social media channels for marketing purposes, undertaking audience development, to name just a few.


FUS Communication Students

Dancing Free: the LAC Dance Program is a feature documentary project directed by Professor Elettra Fiumi, diving into the creative process journeys of the three choreographers, leading to the entertainer’s final shows at the LAC museum in late May 2022. In parallel, Professor Fiumi is teaching a communication course on video production in the Spring of 2022, which takes the Dancing Free as a rallying ground; significantly, the course opens the possibility of involving students and Franklin in the project through aspects of filming practice that can be used for the production of visual imagery.

This video has been produced by the students of Professor Elettra Fiumi's COM 211 class. 

FUS Arts & Culture Students

FUS students have further opportunities to engage with the Lugano Dance Project through the pilot course in Creative Practices (for a new upcoming major in the Division of Arts & Culture) held by professor Gabriel Gee. The course takes the performing art and the historical framework of the Tessin dancing legacies as a common ground to approach creativity, which the students are asked to respond to in a personal practice-based project using a medium/a of their own choosing.

This video has been produced by the students of Professor Elettra Fiumi's COM 211 class. 

The project offers an important opportunity for community engagement and interaction. Through the design of specific public events, promotion of the project, and mediation activities in the local area, Franklin can contribute to the project’s resonance, as well as its own image and identity in Sorengo and the larger Lugano area.

Furthermore, an amount of synergies between the different Franklin University Switzerland-based programs is anticipated, through which students in different strands can dialogue, share experiences and collaborate in a meaningful way. 

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