The mission of Franklin University Switzerland is to provide a cross-cultural and multinational learning and living environment that inspires students to engage the world. We challenge students through a curriculum that integrates the liberal arts with professional pathways, and classroom learning with Academic Travel to destinations around the world.

A Franklin education produces critical thinkers who are culturally literate, ethically aware and intellectually courageous. We prepare students to become responsible, compassionate, and collaborative leaders in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Our Vision

We, the Franklin students, seek a unique liberal arts education in a new era of globalization. An insatiable curiosity about the world drives our shared passion for traveling. On campus, during academic travel and during our own independent excursions, we encounter cross-cultural experiences on a daily basis. We use the world as our classroom and approach learning opportunities and challenges with a keen sense of adventure.

We, the Franklin staff members, contribute our expertise, our compassion and our commitment to create a supportive environment for students, faculty, parents and alumni in which we may all learn and grow.

We, the Franklin professors, are driven by our passions for producing and imparting knowledge in equal measure. Our many roles sustain us: as teachers we foster the bright and demanding energies of our students, and are fostered in turn by them; as colleagues we respect and thrive in the many worlds we offer each other; and as employees we receive, and give in turn, the encouragement to jointly shape an intellectual environment that enables us all to flourish.

We, the Franklin trustees, strongly believe all students should have an international, educational experience which imparts a knowledge, respect, and appreciation for cultures other than their own. As such, we strive to ensure an environment that provides opportunities for students to become articulate, informed and productive leaders of their communities.

We, the Franklin alumni, recognize the great gift of a Franklin education and want to see others benefit from the exceptional, international learning community that is the Franklin family. Grateful for the confidence and zeal we have gained, we contribute to the continued vitality of the University as ambassadors, volunteers, investors and stewards of its mission, so that future generations may join us as life-long explorers.