On one of our fast-track programs, you can have your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four years, in line with typical European university schedules.  Franklin's fast-track students have several options for a direct path toward a professional degree and an early start to a promising career. You will gain cross-cultural skills, widen your perspective on the world and develop an international network that will become a strong foundation for building your future.

3+1 Program at Franklin

Three plus one means completing your B.A. at Franklin in three years and your M.S. or M.A. in the fourth year. This intensive schedule means declaring a major early and studying during the summer to accelerate the typical four-year B.A. timeline, giving focused students the benefit of beginning their career path a year earlier than their peers. Maintaining a GPA of 3.0 during those three years can mean accelerated admission and discounted tuition at Franklin or partner institutions such as Emerson College.

Students can choose among the following Master's Programs:

Master of Arts in Political Economy of Money and Development - Read more

Master of Science in International Management with an Emphasis in Responsible Management and Climate Action - Read more

Master of Science in International Management with an Emphasis in Digital Transformation - Read more

3+1 Program with Emerson College

Franklin has partnered with Emerson College to create advanced study pathways for Franklin graduates in Publishing and Writing, Journalism, Media Design and Public Relations. Students with a 3.0 GPA applying to Emerson from Franklin will have a guaranteed expedited admissions process and a 20% tuition discount. When combined with the three-year B.A., a master’s degree in these fields can be completed in your fourth year of study. While at Franklin, your advisor will work with you to ensure that you are on track for a seamless transition to graduate study at Emerson.

Franklin-Emerson Combined BA-MA