Health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. The law in Switzerland regarding health insurance (LAMal), requires that anyone who resides in Switzerland must be enrolled with an acknowledged Swiss Health Insurance provider. To comply with LAMal, Franklin University Switzerland has established a contract with SWICA, a well-known Swiss health insurance company.

We strongly recommend that all students who are non-EU/EFTA residents enroll with SWICA. The policy and the costs for full coverage can be reviewed in either Swiss francs or US dollars depending upon one’s account with the University.

Non-EU/EFTA residents

This coverage, called SWICA Student Care, is considered a Swiss exemption from the mandatory insurance requirement.

SWICA Student Care is the policy specifically created to satisfy Canton Ticino's requirements and Franklin students' needs for quality health insurance coverage, and it qualifies for a Swiss exemption from the compulsory LAMal. SWICA Student Care allows for significant cost savings.

SWICA Student Care provides quality health insurance coverage at a lower cost than the second option, called "SWICA Medpharm PROVITA", which includes the basic universal coverage set by the LAMal and complementary therapy methods.

Only foreign students (Non EU/EFTA residents) who apply for a Swiss Residency Permit for study purposes only are eligible to select SWICA Student Care. Additionally, short term students who enter Switzerland with a four-month visa are eligible to select SWICA Student Care. To be able to proceed with the Swiss Residency Permit application, students must enter Switzerland according to legal entry requirements by having their Swiss visas affixed inside their passports. Within a few days of arriving on campus, students must sign the official Swiss form (TI 6.3A). This form must be sent to Canton Ticino's local governmental office in order for the student to be legally insured under the SWICA Student Care policy. SWICA Student Care does not include coverage for complementary therapy methods.

For further information on the policy, download the SWICA Student Care overview.

Franklin students have the right to apply for an exemption from the compulsory Swiss health insurance, but they must submit documents and proof that they benefit from having a high quality insurance policy.

The request must be submitted prior to one's arrival at Franklin and precludes students from enrolling with SWICA Student Care, which is the less expensive option. During the application and approval period, all enrolled students at Franklin are automatically covered by SWICA MEDPHARM PROVITA through Franklin’s group health insurance contract. Application and approval by the Cantonal Department of Health Insurance may take up to six months. If the request is denied, the student will continue to be enrolled in the SWICA MEDPHARM PROVIDA policy for the duration of their stay at Franklin and must pay for it accordingly. 

To help inform the decision-making process, the University has compiled the Exemption from Compulsory Swiss Health Insurance overview, to help families understand what it means to apply for exemption and to be exempt while residing in Switzerland and attending Franklin. The document must be read, signed and submitted with a student’s exemption documentation. To apply for exemption, a student must arrange for their private insurance company to complete Form TI 6.3, and the original must be completed in full by the student's private insurance provider and sent to the Office of Student Life. Please note that travel insurance policies are not considered equivalent to mandatory health insurance.

EU/EFTA residents

Students who are EU/EFTA residents should carefully review the instructions and forms to use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in Switzerland while studying at Franklin.

Swiss Residents

Please contact your Swiss health insurance provider and ask for a copy of their official "Insurance Confirmation Enrollment Letter". Please send a copy of the letter to Elena Verì-Sartori, the Coordinator - Student Health Insurance and Administrative Services at Franklin before you arrive on campus. Please note that enrollment letters must be provided by Swiss students and students who are not Swiss but who currently hold a student or family Swiss permit (categories L, B, and C).

Additionally, if you are a foreign student moving to Ticino from another Swiss canton and school, please inform your current private health insurance provider of your new address in Ticino. Students who currently have insurance policies in Switzerland must maintain their coverage and manage their medical bills directly with their current provider. For more information about maintaining and canceling an existing Swiss health insurance policy, please contact Elena Verì-Sartori.

Exemption Documents

Complete and sign the appropriate forms and return them with a copy of your insurance card (front-back) to Elena Verì-Sartori, the Coordinator - Student Health Insurance and Administrative Services. The form must arrive to the Office of Student Life before the student arrives in Switzerland.

Please note that photocopies and/or faxes will not be considered valid means of submitting the request by authorities in Ticino.

EU/EFTA residents with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) 
Form TI 6.1

EU/EFTA residents with private insurance 
Form TI 6.2

Non-EU/EFTA residents with high quality private health insurance
Exemption from Compulsory Swiss Health InsuranceForm TI 6.3