Starting your life at Franklin should be a rewarding and exciting experience. However, transitioning into any new setting can be difficult. Transitioning into this chapter of your life does not have to be done alone, as there are many resources here at Franklin University Switzerland that strive to integrate new and current students into university life, the local Luganese and Ticinese community, and adulthood itself.

Orientation Mentors

Orientation Mentors (OMs) are Franklin students who are specially selected to lead the new student orientation in the Fall and Spring semesters. They play vital roles in supporting students, specifically new students’ transition to life in Lugano and at Franklin University Switzerland. During orientation, the Orientation Mentors lead students on orientation activities, which include tours of Lugano, campus, and getting to know you games and activities. Orientation Mentors aid in the permit application process as well, as they lead trips for new students to the Cantonal Permit Office in Bellinzona. They lead Tutte le Strade events In addition, OMS make themselves available as resources to students outside of orientation and throughout the academic school year for any student concerns.

Academic Mentors

The Academic Mentor (AM) plays an important role in the First Year Experience at Franklin University Switzerland. AMs aid students with the transition from high school to university. The Academic Mentors serve as assistants to students and professors in the First Year Seminar (FYS) courses. They tutor students outside of class time upon request, organize review sessions, take part and lead class discussions. The AMs strive to make the university workload manageable and enjoyable. At the end of the semester, the AMs help organize the First Year Showcase, an exhibition of some of the exciting work students create in their FYS course.

International Student Mentors

International Student Mentors (ISMs), are students who are selected to provide personal, academic, and organizational support to students in the English for Academic Purposes and Academic Year at Franklin programs. They are a group of students willing to provide guidance for adjusting to challenges related to adjusting to different environments, specifically the academic and personal challenges.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are a group of students who oversee the seven residence halls on campus. Their primary tasks include being a student resource, planning on- and off-campus programs and activities for residents, checking students in and out of their room in the residence, and making themselves available for a variety of student emergency situations. RAs receive basic medical training, and are trained by the University Counselor and Director of Student Life and Housing to handle situations ranging from allergy attacks to panic attacks to roommate conflicts. RAs conduct nightly ‘rounds’ on campus, walking through each residence hall to ensure safety and security on campus. The Resident Assistants are a friendly and approachable face for both new and current students on campus.

In addition to all of the above resources, student programs and events led by student leaders, faculty, staff, or any other members of the Franklin community often put health and well being as a center focus. Being healthy and successful at Franklin does not have to be hard. Whether students need to fulfill a physical, social, or personal need, there are always resources available on campus and in Lugano.