Program Summary

Franklin by Design expands structured experiential learning to complement students' positive academic experiences and ultimately strengthen their student experience. The pilot program will begin in Spring 2022 and includes 2 cohorts of up to 15 students, each in a dedicated module. The semester-long module will be designed to increase student socialization outside of the classroom and help foster a sense of belonging and shared experience and wellbeing. Students who complete the program will then help launch future cohorts and be more fully engaged in the campus experience.

Program Structure

After the pilot program, we will offer new modules each semester on a rotating basis with the opportunity to pilot new modules based on students' interests.

Each of these modules will also offer 2-3 events during the semester that are open to all students to generate interest and future participation.

Students who attend at least 5 sessions/programs in one module will receive a digital certificate they can upload to LinkedIn or an e-portfolio.

Students can register for a module by completing the registration form before the February 1, 2022 registration deadline.


Franklin by Design engaged experiential learning modules and learning outcomes for Spring 2022:

Leadership by Design

This track is integral in providing a foundation for students who want to develop and strengthen their leadership skills so they can make an impact at Franklin through Student Organizations, personal endeavors, and future leadership positions. Russell Martin will organize this track in collaboration with other faculty/staff at Franklin. Components of this track include:

Leading Self

  • Students will understand personal leadership skills and styles.
  • Students will apply personal values, passions, and interests.
  • Students will articulate a personalized leadership definition.

Leading Others

  • Students will gain practical strategies for leading effectively in groups.
  • Students will demonstrate empathy and value others’ perspectives. 
  • Students will utilize civility during controversy, manage conflict, and work across differences.

Leading at Franklin

  • Students will understand student leadership opportunities and options.
  • Students will strengthen and deepen their co-curricular leadership experience.
  • Students will expand their co-curricular involvement and activities.
My Future My Design

This track helps students prepare for summer internships or a job after graduation, students will learn about the Office of Career Strategy and about EUCA opportunities. They will get involved with the alumni community in a meaningful way. Students will also gain support as they consider graduate school and the requirements for applications. Students will finish the program with a complete resume/CV and a career/activity/skill-oriented master list. Students will be able to create and complete the resources they need for their future. Ebonie Rayford will lead this track and the components include: 

Learn about Yourself

  • Students will understand the process of self-discovery by reflecting on career-related interests, skills, values, and personality.
  • Students will understand the intersection of personal interests, skills, values, and personality type.

Explore Careers

  • Students will explore career options and graduate school programs that fit with their career-related interests, skills, values, and personality type.
  • Students will understand how to prepare a resume/CV and other documents to prepare to search for internships and jobs.
  • Students will understand how to search for internships and jobs.
  • Students will understand how to make informed decisions.

Take Action

  • Students will understand the tools and process to take the next step after learning about themselves and their career interests.
  • Students will understand the opportunities at Franklin and beyond to test out their interests and gain hands-on experience.