If you already have a My Franklin Self-Service account for Shared Access, click the myFranklin Shared Access button below to log in:

SHared Access

What is Shared Access?

Shared Access is a feature of Franklin’s online student records system (known as My Franklin Self-Service) that allows students to provide parents or guardians with online access to their student account information. Via the Shared Access feature of My Franklin Self-Service, a student can choose to share one or more of the following items with a parent/guardian:

  • Academic Plan - Displays student's progress toward a declared major and minor (or Core Curriculum if undeclared).
  • Course Schedule - Displays student's course schedule for the current semester.
  • Account Balance - Display student’s financial charges, payments, credits and account balance. You will now be able to make payments online directly against the account balance by selecting [Make a Payment] at the bottom left of the Balance page.
  • Unofficial Transcript - Displays all courses taken by the student at Franklin, transfer credits awarded, final grades and the student's cumulative grade-point average.
  • Grade Reports - Displays student's grades for individual semesters.
  • Address Information - Displays the address that Franklin has on file for the student.
  • Stop List - Displays items that may be preventing the student from completing certain processes (for example, registering for courses, viewing their grades).

How do I obtain a My Franklin Self-Service login for Shared Access?

  • Students must explicitly invite their parent/guardian to share their information and to create a login account to My Franklin Self-Service. Students send the invitation by logging into their My Franklin Self-Service account and navigating to:

    My Profile > Shared Access > Invite a User
  • This results in an email invitation being sent to a parent/guardian that contains a link for creating his/her own login account in My Franklin Self-Service.
  • Once the parent/guardian has created an account in My Franklin Self-Service, he/she may securely log in to view the information that his/her student has chosen to share.
  • Parents/guardians can log in directly at http://selfservice.fus.edu/SelfService/

Need more information?

For additional questions or help with Shared Access, please contact sharedaccess@fus.edu