The IT Services Office provides computing and networking support for both campuses and all residences. All of your computers and other networked devices will have reliable access toto either the wired or wireless network in all university locations.  Wi-Fi hotspots, the computer lab, libraries, electronic classrooms, and other study areas allow the use of suitable applications and workstations for academic projects, research and collaboration and printing.  

In addition to windows-based PCs, the Macintosh workstations in the Graphic Design classroom are also configured for academic work with professional design software, high-res scanning and printing to a color laser printer or a large-format inkjet color plotter.


To access the campus network and computers, each student is given a university username and password, and students are also supplied with an email address and unique credentials to access and use the campus network, university-owned computers, file storage, and installed applications. Some devices may require adapters, but all must be able to natively connect to an enterprise Wi-Fi network.

Electronic devices

Remember to check all of your electronic devices for compatibility with the 230 volt power used in Switzerland and throughout Europe before coming to campus. Although many devices use transformers that are compatible with both 110 and 230 volt power, be aware that plugging a 110-only device into a 230 volt outlet can easily damage it beyond repair.  If you are unsure about a device’s compatibility, you can refer to the device’s user manual or contact IT for advice.

Information Technology Contacts

Help Desk +41 91 986 3668