Professor Mario D. Schultz

On Wednesday, 28th of September, Franklin University Switzerland had the pleasure to host “Digital Ethics Washing: A systematic review”, the second event of the Energizing Breakfast Club (EBC) presented by Mario D. Schultz, assistant professor of International Management. This event was part of a new initiative co-organized by the Divisions of Business and Economics and that of Communication, History, and Politics. EBC represents a new platform for faculty members to share their emerging research projects and discuss their proposals in an informal and vitalizing breakfast setting. After croissants and coffee, the meetings begin with a half-hour presentation and are followed by constructive discussion and a space for questions to be answered.

"For this particular event, Professor Schultz presented a research project developed in collaboration with Professor Seele from USI, Università della Svizzera Italiana. Interested students and faculty from all disciplines joined together in the LAC Conference room at 9 a.m. for refreshments while listening to the presentation."

"Specifically, Professor Mario D. Schultz presented the rising topic of digital ethics washing. Digital ethics washing refers to a novel form of greenwashing in the digital world. However, digital ethics washing may go further than greenwashing, as corporate actors tend to mislead with words and actions and also draw on different lobbying forms. For instance, a Boston Dynamics commercial was discussed during the presentation. The companies’ dual-use robots are often presented in funny and innocent activities, which may be perceived as a technique to mislead about their true capabilities."

The event was an engaging and intellectually stimulating event for both students and faculty members, who had the chance to reflect on a complex but important topic that touches every one of us each day. “Thanks to Professor Shultz, faculty and students had the opportunity to tap into a complex but vital debate for the future of our society,” stated Christian Cimieri ‘26, an undergraduate student at Franklin.

The Energized Breakfast Club meets once every two weeks at 9 a.m. in the LAC Conference Room, where energy is provided both intellectually and through a plethora of breakfast refreshments. EBC welcomes the Franklin community to join the next one this Wednesday, October 12th. The EBC presenter this week will be Professor Elisa Volpi, who will be presenting “A Distorting Mirror: Ideological preferences and misperceptions of economic inequality.” Keep a look out for more EBC events by checking out the University Calendar.

Written by Lara Decastecker '23