Dr. Giorgio Ennas contributed to the publication of the book Italy and the Suez Canal. From the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Cold War. A Mediterranean History (Edited by Barbara Curli) writing the chapter Connecting the Two Seas: Negotiating an International Modus Vivendi – Italian and Ottoman Diplomacies in the Suez-Red Sea Area.

In this chapter, Dr. Giorgio Ennas analyses the creation of a new inter-imperial border and the search for a new modus vivendi between the Ottoman empire and the Kingdom of Italy in the 19th century. Moreover, he describes the diplomatic negotiations behind the transformation of the political status of the Eastern Mediterranean, Suez Canal and Red Sea areas between the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. He shows how the opening of the Suez Canal produced an effective expansion of the Eastern Mediterranean geopolitical area, which gradually included the Red Sea.