Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Communications Gabriel Gee has recently coedited a collection of essays reflecting on the mobile ground beneath our feet, questioning the soil as both material and narrative in our interconnected territories: Mobile Soils. Texts by artists, curators, historians, engineers, environmental scientists, architects, gardeners and poets peer into the bright and dark worlds of the underground, look at memories and resilience on the ground, industry, migration and spectral presences on the overground. Throughout, authors revisit their own practice confronted to present earthly attachments and ecological pressure.

This publication is the first one of TETI Press, set up by Professor Gee himself. TETI Press furthers the activity of TETI Group through publications engaging with industrial and cultural transformations of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Mobile Soils also features an essay of Franklin Co-Chair of the academic division of Arts and Cultures, Professor Caroline Wiedmer, as well as an interview of Franklin Chair of the academic division of Environment, Math, Psychology and Health Professor Brack Hale by Moriah Simonds, class of 21.