The Plan B Summer School on the business, regulatory and technological implications of blockchain and Bitcoin, which was held on our beautiful campus over a two-week period, has just ended. Let there be no doubt, it was a great success from all points of view: the professors were diverse and internationally known, and represented the whole of competencies that are needed to master this world that is difficult to understand by most. The complete list can be found here. Likewise, students were smart and always ready with challenging questions. They came from all corners of the world, from San Diego to Brisbane, and were a mixture of individuals already active in the field, in many cases with their own start-up, and those who were eager to know.

It was a joint project by Tether, the City of Lugano, and our university. Our Chairman, Kim Hildebrant, was able to use his strategic sagacity and his excellent personal connections with the city of Lugano to land us this project, which catapulted Franklin into the spotlight of media visibility, both traditional and social. What is more important, is that FranklinUniversity Switzerland was the main partner of Lugano: all classes took place on our campus and the Taylor Institute provided the organizational and, perhaps more important, academic support. We are all grateful to Tether and to Lugano for having chosen us for this strategic and bold project.

The end of the course is therefore not an end, but rather a beginning. A beginning of a new era in the collaboration between Franklin and the various institutions in Ticino. There will be other courses, events, and research projects. Students will be able to participate in internships in accordance with our experiential learning philosophy. Everyone will benefit. And the new campus building, glistening with technology, both outside and inside, well represents the very high standing that Franklin enjoys.

Written by Davide Gai, Director of Marketing and Strategy