To begin with, although the term “digital transformation” has become commonplace in today’s world, its significance and potential for impact remains entrenched across a multitude of sectors. As we move into Industry 4.0, yesterday’s aspirations such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing have become today’s milestones. Furthermore, the pace of technology development over the past decade has further cemented Moore’s law, ushering in a new era of digital possibilities and applications; being utilized to redesign business landscapes. 

I gravitated towards the Master of Science in International Management (MSIM) with a specialization in Digital Transformation at Franklin University Switzerland to expand my knowledge of digital transformation practices, the methodologies that support its implementation, and ultimately, improve my adaptability skills at a postgraduate level. Throughout my time in this graduate program, I was able to understand the basics of digital transformation and how to operate and support a business prospering in the digital era. 

My long-term goal is to be a productive professional and a future leader in this field. This graduate program represented an opportunity for me to elevate both my knowledge and skills in a diverse professional setting. I believe Franklin University Switzerland and Lugano represent one of the epicenters for digital transformation and I am excited and proud to be a member of the digital society. One of the prominent reasons why I consider Lugano to be a core hub for digitalization and digital technologies, in general, is Lugano’s recent initiative: Plan B – learn more here. Plan B, a joint project by Tether, the City of Lugano and Franklin, was introduced early on in this year as a way to grow the blockchain sector and kickstart Lugano as one of the main Cryptocurrency capitals in Europe. So, when I was presented the opportunity to participate and help out with Lugano’s Plan B summer school, hosted on our campus, I jumped at the opportunity. The entire experience was very rewarding, from meeting all 86 students from 29+ nationalities; all with their own backgrounds and achievements, to sitting in on very informative lectures presented by impressive names in the blockchain space. I commend Lugano’s Plan B initiative and the summer school version was an amazing idea to inform, educate and connect. 

Written by Amalia Awad '22, MSIM in Digital Transformation