Designed to facilitate in-person discussions among colleagues from a range of different disciplines, the Energizing Breakfast Club (EBC) brings together Coffee, Croissants, and new ideas!

We are happy to invite all faculty members to join us every other Wednesday morning from 9:00 to 10:00h, in the LAC or KC conference rooms, depending on availability.

EBC meetings usually begin with a 20 to a 30-minute presentation by a faculty member and are followed by a constructive discussion, which aims at providing feedback to the presenters.

Our first EBC scheduled for Wednesday, September 14, will see Professor Schwak presenting her book project, and explaining the political-economic convergence of interests that made South Korean society infamously competitive. Her presentation is titled "The making of a competitive society in South Korea".

For more on schedule, topics, and location, please check the University Calendar.

Students interested in participating and joining in are kindly requested to register with Samantha Elam.

Join us and have an inspiring and delicious start to the day!