Surviving an EX

Saverio Multin '22

Hello to all of my heartbroken, sad, miserable and depressed people.

Thank you for joining me on this quick article about the realities of an ex and what happens next. Before we go any further you must know some realities you must face. Life is very short, but in reality, it’s actually longer than you think. You tend to grow up fast but you sometimes forget to look around. Sometimes you forget to look around and see the reality of the truth. Sometimes we even forget to see what we have in front of us is really not so bad after all.

From this as you can already tell by the article name we’re getting into the aspect of the ending of a relationship. And just to warn you it’s not gonna be so happy. A lot of people will sugarcoat the fact of what really happens at the end of a relationship and they’re only going to tell you what you want to hear. No one‘s going to tell you the reality that it’s going to suck no matter what happens. This is scary to hear and this is probably something that you definitely don’t wanna hear, but it’s the truth. Sometimes when this happens it’s meant to be and you must come to the realization that it is over. Even with loads of memories and fun trips together and laughs and love it’s meant to be over.

People are meant to come in and out of your life and it’s for self-growth and self-understanding. You can’t just sit around with the same person your whole entire life. I mean yes, there have been people with very long relationships but it’s not common for them to experience some other people and other heartbreaks. When leaving a relationship you need to understand that if that person was so madly in love with you and you had all these great memories together and you really felt like it would work out they wouldn’t do what they did to you. They wouldn’t attack you, they wouldn’t name call you, they wouldn’t put you down after the breakup. They would’ve put forth the effort to build upon the relationship and or help it grow from the negative aspects that it has faced. So when you’re at this point of the relationship and it is ending you need to understand to truly begin to let go of this individual that you were with.

From there you will understand the reality of what is good for you. I was fortunate to interview a fellow classmate of mine at Franklin University Switzerland, Bear Mathews who has experienced the many sides of the relationship and has experienced this type of heartbreaking disappointment. He told me that "Relationships are almost like a game. You must look at the person you are with and see how you will continue to level up with them and grow." This is interesting because it's true. You must understand your own self-worth. This leads to the point that you can do much better than what you have experienced. Knowing that there are 7 billion people in the world that will treat you the exact same and even better should put your mind at ease.

EXs are meant to stay in the past and meant to be a learning experience. There is no need to drink poison just because you are thirsty. You are better off waiting to drink than forcing yourself to do so. From there we talked about what he has learned from his past relationships and he stated that "Each one that failed was only a chapter in my book. I can always look back at each chapter, but I always know that the book does not have an ending yet. So if I am sad in one chapter at least I know that the next can even be better. " This is true when it comes to finding the one and moving on. You will only see that each failed relationship is only a chapter in a book that you can learn from. Even if the chapter was amazing and you never even wanted it to end you still need to realize that each chapter has an ending. 

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