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Asa Yangsirirsuk '21.5

Welcome back or welcome to Adventures at Franklin! In this post, I take a look back at some of my favorite posts. My name's Asa, and I'm the current writer of this blog (as of 3 weeks ago). This blog was a huge resource for me as an incoming freshman and I'm so happy for the opportunity to write for this blog currently and into the near future.

However just as we should consider the future, I think it's just as important to look back and think about how we have gotten to where we are now. Adventures at Franklin is 7 years old, as of 22 February 2020. Silly me, forgot to mention this on my post (about things to do during a long weekend) that I published that day. Nonetheless, happy belated 7th birthday Adventures at Franklin! Here are some of my favorite posts over the years and a few words about them. 


22 February 2013: Welcome!

Obviously,  I have to start at the beginning, all the way back in 2013. This post first came out when Franklin University Switzerland was still Franklin College :O The creator, Jessica also explains one of the biggest reasons for creating this blog: 

"I know that when I was looking into attending Franklin I had dozens of questions and was desperate to find a current Franklin student who would answer them honestly. I just wanted to make sure that my chosen college would be the right fit for me! College decisions can be daunting – I was scared and didn't know where to turn. Flash forward a year and here I am. If anyone reading this is thinking about attending Franklin feel free to comment or shoot me an email and ask any questions you may have, I promise to be honest with you and I will do my best to get back to you asap!"
This rationale still stands to this day, with one difference being that this blog is for everyone: current students, prospective students, parents, alumni, faculty/staff etc. 


20 April 2013: Why I came to Franklin 

Choosing a university is a big decision in the life of any undergraduate student. Jessica echoes the thoughts of many Franklin students, and explains that "In the end I decided on Franklin College for three main reasons: the strong sense of community, the travel opportunities and the liberal arts education."


28 June 2013: The Ultimate Packing List

One of the most important posts, that EVERY Franklin student should read. This is the ultimate packing list and covers virtually everything. I do plan to update some previous posts, but this post stands the test of time. 


24 September 2013 and 18 February 2015: To be the Parent of a Franklinite 

For many students, moving to Switzerland is a big change. Imagine what and how the parents might be feeling. Well, this interview offers a look into the perspective of the parents. Definitely worth a read!


30 July 2014: Exploring Lugano

I love this post because although many people come to Franklin to travel to other places, but there are many things to do and see in Lugano too!
"Sometimes as Franklin students we get so caught up exploring Europe (and beyond!) on our weekends, that we forget to appreciate the beautiful city we live in. Lugano is actually a tourist destination for many Europeans and a true gem of Switzerland."


12 February 2015: What I missed most about FUS

You know that phrase: you never know what you have until it's gone? Well, read this post and you might avoid that happening. Appreciate what we have at FUS, before your time here ends.
"Clearly... I missed Franklin. It truly is such a special school, and I believe many of the things I missed are things only a Franklin student could miss about this school, we are truly one of a kind."

30 April 2015, 2 October 2015, 1 December 2016: Professor Perspectives!

One of the best things about Franklin: students get to know your professors, and they get to know their students. This dynamic is definitely shown in these posts.

11 December 2015: 10 things I've learned while at FUS

This post highlights some very important insights that Franklin students gain. 


17 May 2016: Advice about Franklin Q & A

Morgan and Jessica graduate, and offer some very helpful advice to current and future FUS students.

14 September 2016: Swiss Cities in Depth: Lugano
This is a great series that I definitely will continue. Gabrielle highlights some of the great places in Switzerland, starting with our very own Lugano :)

16 November 2016: Key Words and Phrases to Know in the Major Swiss Languages
Switzerland has 4 major languages, so it's very important to know some basic phrases. Check the post out to discover some helpful phrases in Italian, German and French, which may just help you out in the future!
"Every Franklin student knows the value of picking up a few words of the many languages they encounter — and when it comes to getting around in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, where Franklin is located, it's definitely useful to have some terms at hand."

8 February 2017: All about the LLLS Program!
Read all about an amazing program a Franklin, that allows you to gain work experience (and money!) all while attending the school.

23 February 2017: Top Five Resources for Prospective Students
A great read for anyone looking into FUS!

8 March 2017: 6 Ways Studying Abroad Will Change Your Life!
Gabrielle covers 6 ways that studying abroad will change your life (for the better!).
"Whether you want to study abroad for a semester, a year, or even four (like me!) - going abroad will help you develop as a person in innumerable ways. It might be intimidating at the beginning, but nothing could be more worth it."

28 April 2017: Switzerland: All About Cantons!
Possibly my favorite post on the blog, because it's so informative and interesting, and it was also the first one I read so it's special to me. Check it out and find about some interesting things about cantons, the geographic regions that make up Switzerland :)

These posts are all part of the journey of this blog, a journey which I am so happy to be a part of.

A presto,

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