Last Minute Academic Travel Packing Tips!

Lara Decastecker '23

Hello all! Welcome to or welcome back to Adventures at Franklin. It’s sure been a while. The Fall Semester of 2022 has flown by and students at Franklin are currently finishing up their midterms before we take off for Academic Travel. This article serves as a reminder to travel light but also smart! Two prior articles were done on this topic by former Franklin student bloggers. The blog from 2013 written by Jessica ‘16 is linked here and the 2020 version written by Asa ‘21.5 is linked…. here. Also, the FUS website also has an in-depth list of items to pack linked (you guessed it) here. But hey, another insight from a student can’t hurt!

  1. Clothing (of course)

Double-check the weather of where you are going and then prepare. Bring clothes to layer.

  1. A bag (tote bag, purse, or backpack)

You will not want to be lugging your suitcase around everywhere so have something a bit smaller.

  1. Comfortable walking shoes

Franklin professors are known for wanting to take you all around so bring some walking shoes. You will not want to be collecting blisters or bandaids will become your best friend.

  1. A notebook (in case!)

You may want to journal and do some self-reflecting. Maybe you have a small project to do during travel. Be prepared for whatever it is and make sure to have a writing utensil as well.

  1. A book for pleasure reading

Something fun, something light, or something intellectually stimulating. But something you want to read.

  1. Headphones (or earbuds)

This may seem silly but you never know when you just need to zone out while on a train or plane. Traveling can be overwhelming.

  1. Your passport (and Swiss permit!)

Quite obvious, but also grab onto them very tightly. Don’t lose them or else you have a whole world of trouble on your hands. 

  1. Chargers! (phone, laptop, etc)

If you have a mobile charger that would be handy too.

  1. Mask(s), stay safe, especially on public transport

The Covid pandemic is not over and you do not want to get sick during travel. 

  1. Coin purse and/or wallet

Also, quite obvious. 

  1. A deck of cards! 

Everyone loved cards and if you’re one of the strange few that doesn’t.. you should.

  1. Hand sanitizer

Once again, the pandemic isn’t over. You don’t know where the bathrooms are in a new country so hand sanitizer will be quite handy when you can’t wash your hands out and about.

  1. And… snacks!

Sometimes there’s not much time to get food while traveling so don’t be the hangry friend. Or do. 

Finally, here’s a Franklin TikTok featuring me (and also made with all these items… they fit in the suitcase with room to spare!)

That’s all! Of course, also bring an umbrella if needed and a laptop (if you want) but that’s all up to personal preference. You know what you need and also what you can get when you’re there. 

Happy Travels everyone!

Ci vediamo presto,



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